Who Is Dustin Recek? How CEO Of Originz Elite Consulting Overcome Adversity To Build A Career Helping Others

September 03 21:15 2021
Dustin Recek created Originz Elite Consulting to support other entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

Bryan, TX – Dustin Recek grew up in an unstable environment and spent his younger years in and out of jail. Now, he is a successful entrepreneur looking to help others overcome life’s challenges and build successful businesses.

Dustin Recek had a challenging upbringing. His parents lived pay-check to pay-check, struggling to build their savings and live comfortably. As a result, their family moved repeatedly, and Recek’s parents divorced, only to reconcile later. These circumstances meant he did not have the privileged, stable environment that many rely on to help them succeed. Unfortunately, during his teenage years, Dustin’s father was diagnosed with cancer and lost his several-year battle. This experience led him to drop out of high school and contributed to the adverse circumstances he had found himself in. Being introduced to drugs and alcohol at a young age and without High School as a stable influence, Dustin fell further into an environment many struggles to find their way out of all while dealing with the loss of his Father. Ultimately, Recek spent a part of his life in and out of jail.

However, meeting his wife in 2008 proved a turning point. After discovering she was pregnant, his partner allowed him to move away from the influences that had shaped his life so far. Dustin chose to step up and become a father figure; his first son Damion was born March 5th, 2011.

Unfortunately, in moving away, Dustin had broken his probation and effectively gone on the run. While away, he found a job opportunity and helped set up a new company based in a local oilfield, opening a door for him into the world of sales and entrepreneurship. Perhaps most impressively, he chose to represent himself, deciding to “right his wrongs” taking care of his probation and outstanding warrants. Recek was slowly beginning to turn his life around and was focusing on himself and his family.

Now an entirely free man, Dustin took job opportunities wherever possible, including helping to set up companies closer to home and returning to work in the oilfields. However, after his second son, Darien was born in April 2014, a collar bone injury meant he spent more time around his family to recover. In doing so, this helped him realize that family was his priority and motivated him to find the means of spending more time at home.

Motivated by his desire to spend more time with his growing family, he focused on the world of entrepreneurship. Dustin opened his first company, a remodeling business, allowing him to pay the bills while living comfortably with his family. However, he has never forgotten the adverse circumstances he had previously overcome and acknowledged his desire to help others. As a result, Dustin and his family chose to give back within his means and support homeless shelters and nonprofits in his local area. Having realized his talent for sales and entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, Dustin chose to build on his potential and fine-tune his trajectory by investing in his own personal development leading him closer to fulfilling his purpose.

Now, Recek has found that purpose. His challenging upbringing and the twists and turns in his career have led him to create Originz Elite Consulting Agency. Looking to help others, Originz Elite Consulting is designed to support other entrepreneurs in overcoming life’s challenges while developing both personally and professionally.

Originz Elite Consulting is offering other entrepreneurs the chance to grow their business by implementing effective marketing techniques. Moreover, Originz Elite is connecting entrepreneurs with highly-trained sales closers to help grow businesses wherever possible.

Dustin Recek is proof that a challenging upbringing and adverse circumstances do not need to shape a person’s entire life. In starting Originz Elite Consulting, Recek hopes to give back and support others in their success. With big plans for his agency he belives they will continue to grow and help others. Originz Elite Consulting hopes to make its trainees into leaders in their areas of industry, allowing them to reach the next level of their careers.

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About Originz Elite Consulting Agency

Created by CEO Dustin Recek, Originz Elite Consulting Agency helps entrepreneurs grow their business by providing expert training support. Originz Elite Consulting Agency specializes in implementing marketing techniques and placing highly trained salespeople into the right environment to support continued growth and development.

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