Achieving Entrepreneurial Growth with Intentional Freedom

September 03 21:03 2021
How Intentional Freedom’s Aaron Kovac is helping others find the intricate balance between business, family, relationships and play.

In the quest to achieve growth, money, and financial freedom, most people find themselves feeling lost and confused on what their next steps should be. They end up wondering how the people they look up to were able to overcome their biggest failures, and how they still managed to achieve massive success despite life’s many ups and downs. As someone who has experienced multiple personal life failures and hardships while focusing on the pursuit of money throughout his career, Aaron Kovac founded Intentional Freedom – a multidimensional platform for entrepreneurial growth.

Through Intentional Freedom’s podcast, individual and group coaching, and unique mastermind events, Aaron is able to connect with other high level thinkers and achievers and do what he does best – and that is, to have deep and meaningful conversations that produce strong mutual growth. As a doctor, entrepreneur, and creator of 7-figure businesses, he has committed himself to helping his podcast listeners and fellow entrepreneurs build a strong and balanced foundation in all areas of life, not just business.

“My goal is to inspire you to take massive action in your life and truly decide to live free through intention. Each week on my podcast I interview high level achievers on the art of this delicate balance. I will take you through authentic journeys of fear and success; through struggle, hardship and loss to massive wins and breakthroughs. We dive deep into the reality of juggling multi-million dollar businesses, family, relationships and play, and how to do it ALL through intention,” says Aaron.

In the Intentional Freedom podcast, Aaron gets real with listeners as he dives deep with questions that reveal the unique stories of success and failure that have shaped some of the world’s most brilliant minds. Listeners can expect nothing but authentic and vulnerable conversations that they can implement into their business, relationships, family life or whatever struggles they might be facing.

For those who want to work privately with Aaron for a more streamlined individual strategy to uplevel their life with intention, Intentional Freedom’s 1-on-1 coaching would be the most suitable service. Meanwhile, group coaching is best for larger groups who want to figure out exactly what is holding back their team or relationship from attaining massive growth and success. Apart from coaching, there is also the Mastermind Events, which gathers like-minded entrepreneurs for a unique luxury adventure while learning from Intentional Freedom’s very own masterminds.

For more information about Intentional Freedom’s podcast and programs, visit or TEXT freedom to 602-584-8472.

About Intentional Freedom

Intentional Freedom is a multidimensional platform for entrepreneurial growth via podcasting, individual and group coaching, and unique mastermind events. It was developed by Aaron Kovac, a talented chiropractor and physiotherapist turned successful multi-passionate entrepreneur whose strong drive for scientifically strategizing the art of doing business was developed naturally and intentionally over time while developing multiple 7-figure businesses.

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