Rainf4ll Launches Blockchain-Enabled, Physically Connected Non-Fungible Token (pcNFT) Platform

September 03 20:45 2021
Rainf4ll is designed to help consumers of high-end goods validate the authenticity of a product.

Rainf4ll’s new blockchain-enabled, pcNFT platform allows customers to digitally verify the provenance and permeance of physical items. The platform backs up the capability of blockchain technology to provide circulation transparency, giving the power back to consumers by helping them secure ownership through the validation of product authenticity.

“Rainf4ll is changing how people think about ownership, having a greater emotional connection with an item they own. If a physical item could tell a story, what would it say? Where did it come from? Who made it? Where has it been?” stated a representative from Rainf4ll.

Digital ownership comes in handy when the owner decides to sell or give away certain valuables in their possession.

Technology website, The Verge, explains NFTs as “a one-of-a-kind trading card.” Unlike fungible tokens like bitcoins that are interchangeable, NFTs are unique. They can be anything digital, including illustrations, music or other digital content.

NFTs are ideal vehicles to digitally represent physical assets such as real estate, artwork and luxury brands — turning these assets into physically connected non-fungible tokens (pcNFT). A Forbes article, “How Non-Fungible Tokens from Physical Collectibles Are Strengthening Asset-Backed Securities,” calls NFTs “unique investments when tied to a physical object.” pcNFT items open doors for investment opportunities once they become tokenized securities.

Rainf4ll has taken command of pcNFT features and has reinvented a way to link brands with their consumers. Tracking a product’s digital identity ensures buyers that the product’s claims of authenticity are validated by blockchain. Through its pcNFT protocol, the platform delivers an immutable ledger containing digital certificates that are indelibly stamped on every product in production. This allows the customer to verify authenticity with certainty as well as prove ownership of items.

Users can easily validate the authenticity of their acquired luxury product by entering the product’s serial number on Rainf4ll’s website, tapping on an NFC chip or scanning a QR code. One particular luxury brand, Kill Kapture, trusts the platform to validate the luxury items it produces, and therefore, assuring its customers of their purchase’s authenticity and chronological history.

Rainf4ll’s platform allows buyers to establish ownership rights while also allowing owners to sell or transfer these digitally connected physical assets whenever they please.

More information can be found at http://www.rainf4ll.com/.

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Rainf4ll helps consumers of physical items validate the authenticity of a product.

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