Jacksonville rap star Butta Bing launches new album, first single of the album is out now

September 03 19:39 2021
Jacksonville Drill Rapper Butta Bing is back again with a brand new album and has also released the first single of the album.

Jacksonville, FL – Sep 3, 2021 – Great news for rap fans looking for something new this summer. Popular Jacksonville rapper Butta Bing is pleased to announce the release of his new album after a hiatus of 3 years. He has also released the first single of the album recently.

The album was released on April 22, 2021. 

The newly released album is currently available on all major music platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and so on. Bustling with 11 tracks, the album was produced entirely by Bluestrxps. The single has already been featured on YouTube.  

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the launch of my latest album. This is my first album this year and hence extremely special. I have also released the first single of the album on YouTube so that you can just check out the track to get a feel of the album”, stated Butta Bing. 

The latest album marks the 6th independent solo album release from the Jacksonville rap star. His last album was released in 2018. 

“There is so much hatred around today that it seems people have lost out on the power of love. But, that should not be our fate; we know how to love and co-exist together peacefully despite the differences. It’s such ethos that has inspired me to compose my latest album. I hope the album will make a great addition to your playlist and will receive as much love as has been received by all my other previous albums, if not more.” 

The single starts on a slow but energetic pace and then soon takes up a groovy vibe. Its soulful lyrics strike a chord while the track’s rhythmic tempo makes it a nice feet-tapping number. The first single of the album has already received a sea of views on YouTube. Rap fans are pretty excited with the release and are asking for the release of other songs of the album as well.   

“I have already released the first single of my latest album – it’s a track that you will enjoy anywhere, be it a party or a long drive or a lazy weekend evening”, added the Duval rap star. 

A favorite in the rap scene, Butta Bing aka Lawrence Critton is one of the most esteemed names in Jacksonville Drill Rap scene today. One of the biggest influences in the Jacksonville Music world, Butta Bing has been largely instrumental in bringing up Jacksonville Rap before the world since the 2000s. Renowned for his eclectic and experimental style, he is one of the most musically diverse rappers to come out of Jacksonville Florida.  

Butta Bing started his professional music career in the early 2000s. His first music album was released in 2003, and, as of now, he has released 6 albums. Butta Bing is signed to Black Diamond Music Group Inc.

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