Uvaro’s Private Sales Training Offers an Answer to the Tech Skills Shortage

June 25 01:21 2021
According to new research, technology firms are attracting millennials away from service jobs with better training, better compensation, and promises of career success.

With trust in colleges and universities at an all time low, tech employers are turning to a new breed of training programs to fill their hiring needs, says a new State of Career Success report released today by Uvaro.

Individuals employed in service industries such as transportation, hospitality, and food services before COVID-19 are benefiting most from the trend, the report goes on to say.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) sector is projected to grow to $800 billion in revenue by 2030. This dramatic growth will create more than 360,000 new sales jobs over the next decade, and there are limited training grounds to develop that talent. Currently, fewer than 2% of colleges offer sales training programs. Just-in-time career preparation programs like Uvaro are filling that gap, offering a unique mix of training, career coaching, and job search services.

“Our sales academy members come to us from a diverse set of service roles. They’ve been trainers at Goodlife, night shift workers at McDonalds, and bartenders at the Marriott,” says Joseph Fung, CEO at Uvaro. “And with just 12 weeks of training and career services, they’re doubling their annual income in as short as 17 days.”

Unlike traditional colleges that rely on annual admissions cycles and demand hefty tuition fees, Uvaro accepts new applications through its website, https://uvaro.com, on a monthly basis and requires no upfront fee, meaning applicants can be admitted in as little as two weeks.

“Our program is geared to income, which makes it ideal for career-transitions,” says Fung.

“I was stuck in an unstable immigration environment with my employment prospects disintegrating due to COVID-19. Uvaro helped me bridge this gap and make a leap forward in the booming tech market,” says Tanpreet Anand, Uvaro member and graduate. Formerly working in trucking, Anand is now successfully employed selling AI-powered market intelligence software.

As software companies look to hire sales professionals, it normally takes 2 months to hire and 8 months to ramp that professional to full productivity — as a result, enterprises are building out hiring plans 10 months in advance.

Uvaro grads boast 3x faster hiring and 5x faster ramp, largely due to how Uvaro tracks open tech sales roles and publishes them for free on their website at https://uvaro.com/jobs. Today, the company is tracking more than 250,000 open technology sales roles.

“There’s a war on for talent,” says Fung. “Tech companies are paying more. It’s a buyer’s market and with the right training, the power is in the hands of prospective recruits.” With up to 40% of workers looking to switch jobs in 2021, it’s no surprise that millennials working in the service industry are flocking to career success programs like Uvaro who are paving the way.

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