Thermal printer maintenance skills and attention points

June 24 21:16 2021

Thermal Printer Maintenance Skills And Attention Points

Thermal Printer is an essential electronic device in Winprt daily life, no matter in office or home.


The thermal printer belongs to the consumption of supplies, late wear and consumption are very large, so we should be careful in daily life.

Good maintenance, service life will be longer, poor maintenance, service life will be greatly reduced, affecting Winprt use experience.

In order to avoid the thermal printer problems caused by improper maintenance in the future use process, I will teach people how to do maintenance for the thermal printer.

1. Environment when using the thermal printer:

1. Pay attention to dust and keep the environment clean; Keep the environment dry and wet (refer to the manual for each WINPAL printer).

2. The thermal printer can not be placed on the heavy items, because the printer is not very strong things, Winprt often put heavy objects on it, it is likely to make the printer body deformation, causing another printer failure.

3. When using the thermal printer, people should prevent some small items from falling into the printer, which will cause people thermal printer to fail. It is suggested that people try to ensure that the surrounding area of the thermal printer is clean and tidy.

2. Clean the surface of the thermal printer:

Winprt should regularly carry out thermal printer maintenance, and use a soft cloth to clean the thermal printer dust, keeping peopler printer clean appearance.

3. Clean parts of the printer:

(1) Check and replace the ribbon

For WINPAL thermal transfer printer WP300A and WP-T3A, if Winprt want to make it more and more easy to use, it is necessary to check the parts of the printer regularly, such as regular inspection of the ribbon, found that the surface of the pall then people have to replace the ribbon immediately, otherwise the ribbon once damaged will affect the printing effect.

(2) Clean the print head

Please pay attention to clean the print head when the print is not clear and the paper feed is noisy.

1. Main points to note before cleaning the print head:

1) Be sure to turn off the thermal printer power before cleaning.

2) When cleaning the print head, pay attention not to touch the heated part of the print head, so as not to damage the print head due to static electricity.

3) Be careful not to scratch or damage the print head.

2. Cleaning method:

1) Please open the top cover of the printer and clean with a cleaning pen or cotton swab stained with diluted alcohol from the middle to both sides of the print head.

2) Do not use the printer immediately after cleaning the print head. Wait for the cleaning alcohol to evaporate completely (1 to 2 minutes) and the print head to dry completely before using.

(3) Clean sensors, cots and paper paths

1) Please open the top cover of the thermal printer and take out the paper roll.

2) Use a dry soft cloth or swab to wipe away dust or foreign matter.

3) Dip a soft cloth or swab in medical alcohol and wipe away sticky foreign matter or other contaminants.

Do not use the thermal printer immediately after cleaning the parts. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate completely (1 to 2 minutes) and the printer to dry completely before using.

If people stop using the thermal printer for a period of time, turn off the power. However, if people don’t use a thermal printer for a long time. suggest people turn it on once in a while to keep moisture out, which is good for the printer.

If people can do all of the above suggestions, then congratulations to people, the service life of thermal printers will be longer!

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