Commemorating healthy walking in early summer of 2021

June 24 20:20 2021

Hebei E-Commerce Association held its first health trip for foreign traders on last Staurday

1)History and mission

Smart foreign trade, healthy walking is a walking project created by the Hebei Electronic Network Trade Chamber of Commerce. It started in 2017 and is now the fourth.

Smart foreign trade, healthy walking activities advocate national fitness, convey love, harmony, public welfare and charity.

2) Mileages

You can choose from three different mileages of 10 kilometers, 28 kilometers, and 36 kilometers.

There are nearly 400 contestants. In the end, our company‘s Jennifer, Rena, and Anna won the 10km championship, runner-up, third place. For 28km, our company’s Jason won the fourth place. For 36km, our general manager Michael won the second place. 

3) Age

Participants in this competition include 8-year-old first-year children and mid-level executives in their 50s. Everyone is very happy.

4) Route

The starting point of this race track is the Hutuo River Eco-tourism Scenic Area, passing Zilong Bridge, Hehu Square, Huahai Road, Tianhe Lake, and Taixi Lake on the way. The beauty along the way is overwhelming.

5) Experience

It will be easier to walk at the beginning, but after 5 kilometers, the body will feel a little uncomfortable, but there will be companions along the way to support and encourage each other, and finally complete it smoothly.

A good body is the capital of the revolution. In the spring season, bring your family and join the sports together. 

Enjoy following happy photos with you together.

Exercise can improve the body’s metabolism, promote bone growth, increase bone density, strengthen muscles, improve heart and lung function, and increase lung capacity.

People who exercise regularly have strengthened their nervous system regulation function and become more agile and flexible. In addition, physical exercise can consume fat and increase muscles.

Therefore, young people who insist on physical exercise can reduce weight and build a good body. Physical exercise can also give people a sense of pleasure, relieve tension, and reduce the pressure of study.

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