KLASIX CUSTOM FOOTWEAR Debuts Handcrafted Custom Italian Kicks

June 25 00:15 2021
KLASIX CUSTOM FOOTWEAR Debuts Handcrafted Custom Italian Kicks

In a space as crowded as the shoe industry, finding the right fit can be overwhelming. With a dizzying number of brands promoting either quality or affordability, it comes as no surprise when shoppers feel like modern-day Cinderellas hopping about barefoot. 

Introducing a much-needed price change in the market and carrying trendsetting styles, authentically Italian KLASIX CUSTOM FOOTWEAR has recently launched. 

Based in Long Beach, California, with a workshop stationed in Italy, KLASIX CUSTOM FOOTWEAR is the newest game-changing brand in the industry. With world-class artisans designing every shoe, the company has already made waves in the short time since its debut.

KLASIX was established by founder and CEO Adolphus K. Shannon Jr. As the Executive Publisher of the internationally-read Tranxit Lifestyle and Design Space Magazine, Adolphus had already been exposed to the complexity of designs. Seeing architects and artists in action stirred an interest within him for the art.

It did not take long before that interest grew and became a passion. This grew to a feverish pitch as he featured and interviewed countless influential designers over the years until Adolphus K. Shannon Jr. decided to realize his newfound dream.

“I’ve developed a wealth of information that I am eager to share through debuting my brand: KLASIX Footwear, custom-made shoes in Italy,” he said.

Investing his accumulated knowledge into the venture, Adolphus has structured KLASIX CUSTOM FOOTWEAR as an emerging industry leader. Running into the market with high-quality yet long-lasting, affordable kicks, the entrepreneur is steadily launching his company to international recognition.

Among its produced custom-built unisex footwear is the limited release line The Feature Edition, which promotes the KLASIX sleek and classically styled slip-on sneakers. The venture has also brought in the “PERMANENT COLLECTION,” where the innovative premium leather and suede combination shoes are found. 

Apart from these sets, KLASIX is also working on designs for monument-high top and classic dockside footwear. These are available in varying colors and are the welcoming committee for KLASIX CUSTOM FOOTWEAR’s future fashion-forward and comfortable collections. 

“Each design is meticulously constructed by a skilled network of selected Italian artisans. There are no finer hands in the field,” Adolphus shared. “The handcrafting and the materials are state-of-the-art.”

Using only specially procured raw materials and hiring a team of award-winning professionals, KLASIX has instilled its footwear with the power to withstand the test of time. Timeless and smart-looking, these kicks imbue its wearer with the confidence and strength to jump over hurdles and run the extra mile, heading straight to the finish line in pursuit of their dreams.

With quality, style, and affordability, Adolphus K. Shannon Jr.’s company is the rising choice for shoe shoppers. However, this is not all that the visionary has to offer. 

Aside from its custom-crafted products and relatively low prices, Adolphus also provides free shipping to orders within the United States of America and across Europe. KLASIX holds out a hand for modern-day Cinderellas, delivering their long-awaited shoes to their doors through this service.

Five years from now, the company will be kicking doors of opportunities open worldwide. From crowded commercial locations to high-end, exclusive venues, the company will be catering to its diverse clientele and carry the finest Italian craftsmanship in its soles.

Find the perfect fit. Browse through KLASIX CUSTOM FOOTWEAR’s Italian handcrafted collection on its official website.

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