Guaranteed Cybersecurity While Using WeTransfer via Free VPN App

June 24 13:40 2021

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and offices have been closed. With this situation, students and employees have been homeschooling or working from home, respectively. 

Even though the setup has already changed, the situation remains the same. People have to comply with work and school requirements like assignments and projects; oftentimes, these activities are by groups. And by groupings, members have to be more patient as there are added factors that can affect the productivity of each member during the ‘at home’ setup.

One example of this is the method of transferring files. Back when physical interactions weren’t restricted, physical file storages like flash drives were the most convenient and fastest way to send and receive files. All one has to do is go to a colleague’s seat and give the flash drive then insert it on a USB port.

But now that it’s impossible to do because of the current situation, online file sharing like WeTransfer started to become the new norm. With WeTransfer, one can send up to 2 gigabytes per link transfer. All a sender should do is collate files from the WeTransfer website then wait for the uploads to be completed. Depending on how huge the files are, after some time, the WeTransfer link will be ready.

WeTransfer is proven effective and considered as a time saver for employees and students. However, since this file sharing is online, there could be some online safety issues. 

Since WeTransfer is basically a website, the user accounts could be subjected to vulnerability caused by online breachers or hackers. And when this happens, it could affect a lot of endeavors.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this dilemma, and it’s not some sort of an alternative for WeTransfer as this quick fix will help users to assure cybersecurity; it is by connecting to a free VPN app like GoingVPN.

GoingVPN is a totally free VPN app that will help WeTransfer users not encounter possible online threats. What GoingVPN does is transmit user’s online data through an encrypted virtual tunnel. With this, the user’s IP address will be concealed to not be seen by third parties roaming around cyberspace.

And with the user’s IP address being hidden, it would be impossible for these third parties to keep track and record the user’s online data and activities. 

As for the internet users who have lots of files to send to someone, GoingVPN is a huge help with its unlimited data bandwidth feature. This free VPN app’s data has no expiration so that users will be protected online, even 24/7.

Uploading will be a breeze, too, as GoingVPN has a built-in lightning speed technology to help users avoid the hassle of lags and buffers that may come in, especially with heavy-loaded files.


The pandemic may have changed lots of things that people used to do, but with technology being fast-paced by nature, a lot of innovations can be developed to adapt to these massive changes. It is also important that people embrace these developments as it will help the society stay extant.

And with cybersecurity being a serious matter nowadays, it is significant to take the issues surrounding these essentialities into account, as a lot of serious stuff can happen in just a little to no amount of online protection.

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