Australian Sensitive Skincare Brand Creates A Buzz In The Beauty Industry

June 23 21:52 2021

Australian based cosmetic scientist Pat launched  Pure Zero Skincare  in March 2021 and its already making a huge buzz on social media circles. The brand new line is 100% natural and takes pride in the use of pure ingredients with zero irritants. The products are raved for being simple yet effective especially for individuals with sensitive skin.

The Brisbane based cosmetic scientist created her brand after years of spending a lot of money searching for the “miracle” skincare product without success. In 2016, she embarked on a journey to learn how skincare products were made. ”l learnt about the trade ‘secrets in the cosmetic industry regarding the use of fragrances and dyes in skincare products to “fool” customers into buying. Parfum/fragrance, aromatic essential oils, dyes and silicones are added in formulations to make the product more appealing, so customers buy plain and simple, at the same time these ingredients are research-proven irritants/toxic meaning the product will never deliver results”, she said.

In 2018, she started formulating her own skincare products excluding these 4 toxic ingredients and the results were awesome, culminating in the birth of Pure Zero. Pat believes her company’s products are unique because of the following reasons:

No added water: You may have noticed that our products do not list “aqua” or “water” as an ingredient. Water-based products, such as moisturizers, typically contain between 70%-80% water in their formulations, we made a conscious decision not to include water in any of our products because we wanted to fill them to the brim with skin-loving ingredients.

Aloe Vera base: Aloe vera is nature’s absolute hero skin ingredient, it is the main ingredients used in our formulas. Aloe vera is a great moisturizer and has several anti-inflammatory and some antibacterial components.

Natural: Unlike other products on the market, our products do not contain synthetic chemical ingredients. By focusing on ingredients rooted in nature and free of toxic additives, your skin will be restored and  glow naturally.

We think the way you think: We understand your concerns. Our products are nontoxic. Free of the following: paraben and other synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, PEG, DEA, TEA compounds, phthalates, BPA, alcohol, mineral oil, peroxides, synthetic compounds, and gluten. Free of animal-derived products and animal testing. Rest assured, we got you covered.”

Pure Zero takes pride in being an indigenous manufacturer. While most skincare products are mass-produced outside the country, labelled under different brand names, and shipped to Australia, Pure Zero products are researched and made in Australia, keeping dollars in the local economy. The company’s all-natural products are formulated to work at a molecular level, activating the skin’s inherent mechanism to renew, regenerate, and heal.

The Pure Zero Skincare products have elicited rave reviews from its users. According to Kayla Crotty: ”Personally, I am very sensitive towards certain skincare which results with breaking out in a full face of dry skin. Pure Zero helps keep my skin moisturized whilst controlling breakouts at the same time with no irritation.”

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