Quick Aesthetic Results are Possible Using the SharpLight Product Line

June 23 21:22 2021

Med-Aesthetic clinics globally are always in search of new and better technologies for a variety of aesthetic applications.  SharpLight has positioned itself for success within the global community with its newest revolutionary line of med-aesthetic machines and applications.  From acne scarring to vascular lesions, SharpLight can provide the all-in-one solution, or stand-alone technology products that clinics are clamouring for to deliver quicker and more effective results for their clientele. 

The newest line of products includes the OmniMax S4 and S3, which produce a variety of skin tightening and cellulite removal techniques that are painless and show results right after treatment.  The Rapid DPC can quickly reduce the appearance of all types of unsightly lesions, while Rapid Tight, Rapid Firm, and Rapid Vanish are also technology based and used for tightening and contouring. 

Rapid Vanish is much like Rapid DPC and diminishes lesions of all types.  Rapid QS specifically targets mostly tattoo removal patients, and pigmentation irregularities such as hyperpigmentation.  Rapid Peel is just what its name implies, a way to rapidly remove dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of skin, the epidermis.

A combination of the products may be recommended by SharpLight for use, as most clients who visit a med-aesthetic facility do have more than one physical flaw that bothers them tremendously.  Better results that last longer with sessions that are quicker, is the goal of the SharpLight technology, and it is being received well by many practitioners of med-aesthetics. 

Pulsed light and Q-switching make the procedures much more comfortable for patients and give the med-aesthetic practitioners more control over treatments.  The machinery is lightweight and easy to learn to use and manoeuvre.  Training on the use of the products is provided to anyone that purchases them by SharpLight. 

States one med-aesthetic clinician, “I was not sure if any technology product could improve my current techniques for skin tightening, lesion removal, or body contouring, but once I tried just one product, I ended up purchasing more as I was able to see more clients each day, and my clients all were thrilled with the results.  I will keep using SharpLight products now in my practice for as long as I have my practice and am considering the purchase of more machines to grow my business.” 

The overall goal of SharpLight is to assist med-aesthetic clinics to increase their business and enlarge their practices.  The more clients treated each day, the more clients a business can take on daily.  In addition, quality matters and SharpLight products also deliver the results that clients are seeking, no matter what type of cosmetic concern they might have. 

A consultation is in order before purchase to fully understand how the technology can assist. These products are multi-technology and singular technology workstations, and each practice will demand a different approach to the correct product purchase.  Providers that use the SharpLight technology are listed for the convenience of patients as well, since after all, each patient will be seeking specific services.

About SharpLight

SharpLight is a global provider of the latest in med-aesthetic technology machinery products.  Individual providers are put in touch with a supplier near them if looking to purchase the machinery, or even learn more about it.  The technology developed assists practitioners in providing quicker, more effective non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  Training is provided. 

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