Any Dysfunction of Speech Can be Corrected Effectively Using Teletherapy

June 23 21:20 2021

Especially in these times of stay-at-home remote work and schooling, it is more important than ever for any type of speech problems be corrected as soon as possible.  First impressions are lasting impressions, and many employers are now conducting virtual online interviews.  Even a slight accent can sometimes make a potential employer uncomfortable, and seminar speaking that is done virtually, does require the best in the spoken word. 

Children are also very much in need of a good teletherapy speech therapist now if schooling is occurring remotely.  Children are very self-conscious online in virtual schooling, so parents should ensure that their speaking ability is as good as possible.  If not, children can hang back in online schooling and not ask the questions they need to ask or learn as rapidly as their peers

For over twelve years now, Speech Language Pathology Specialists at the Therapy Spot in downtown Toronto have delivered assistance for speech problems.  Now all services are offered remotely through teletherapy either one on one or in groups, for everyone from adults who simply want to improve their presence in the workforce, to children who have emotional and development difficulties such as Autism which affect their speech. 

The seasoned therapists at the Therapy Spot work as quickly or as slowly as needed depending upon the needs of their clients, and each client receives the same type of attention remotely as they would receive in person.  The number of sessions needed is discussed prior and can vary of course, from one client to the next. 

The summer season is especially a great time for students who have speech impediments, or are shy about speaking, to take part in the services offered by the Therapy Spot.  Preparation for online learning for the new school year can begin in the summer and a student can sound as good as possible by the time school starts again.  Overcoming many speaking difficulties at home is always more constructive for students than when a teacher corrects them online or in person in front of their classmates. 

Sometimes speech might not be the problem, just shyness for students.  This also is addressed by Therapy Spot with social skills development services also available.  Even if student learning is done in groups, the teacher to student ratio is kept high with small groupings.  This also is the approach used for corporate trainings. 

Corporations benefit from having group speech therapy sessions as well-spoken employees are always a welcome addition to any company.  Remote or in person services depending on Covid restrictions should be discussed with the Therapy Spot.  The Therapy Spot even offers manuals on good speech habits which can be ordered on their website. 

Speaking is taken for granted by most individuals.  Having any kind of impediment, however, is very prominent in the minds of those that suffer from speech impediments.  Impediments can easily be remedied via teletherapy offered by the Therapy Spot.

About Therapy Spot

Therapy Spot of Toronto has provided speech therapy services and even social skills services for over twelve years now to the resident of Toronto and the GTA.  Most services are now remote due to Covid-19 lockdowns, but the quality of the therapy is the same.  Students, adult individuals, and corporations are welcome to enrol in as many teletherapy speech services as needed.  One on one sessions exist as well as group services. 

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