Hu Grid Foundation Donate 250K Hu-Coin to help adoption of Hu-GriD Ecosystem in Pan Africa

June 23 19:20 2021

Hu Grid Foundation, building Hu-GriD Protocol the future of Blockchain Networks, has announced that it will donate 250k $Hu coins to Humanity 4 Sustainable Development. A non-profit located in Rural Kenya, “Building Sustainable Communities through Quality Education & Empowerment’. It will nurture Global Blockchain expansion and improvements with the impending impression of young people and children within the area.

Humanity 4 Sustainable Development. is a vehicle of its type in Kenya, participating in structuring strong societies through education. It aims on developing knowledge, with the prospective to influence children on a universal ruler. In addition to providing blueprint for building Sustainable Communities.

Hu-GriD Protocol a new means of Data Transportation allowing Pan Africans to obtain, embrace, and live the Digital Renaissance Age. The donation planned to back children and young adults recognizing the digital world and improving Hu-GriD ecosystems. $Hu-Coin like other digital currency, are being adopted internationally, leading organizations and administrations. Such donation are offering help in hastening technological origination to subsidy youngsters around the creation.

The main inspiration is to recognize every voice counts. Hu Coin holders have comprehensive privileges and Rights. Which on other stages are limited to miners, but the privilege, will be provided to the Hu Coin owners, comprising of voting on proceedings such as community issues and elections within network.

Hu Grid Foundation vision to tie today’s encounters with tomorrow’s answers, comprising the progression of Internet of Things (IOT). Hu-GriD network enables economic and mechanical growth in underdeveloped societies. It provides the base of prosperity in such communities. It generates the basis and plan for supportable living and allows the arena to be smoothed for all human races.

As the industry develops, Hu Grid Foundation is viewing for new traditions to create a progressive upcoming future, both for the worldwide economy and humanity. Donations play a vital role in supporting and smoothing the development and growth of youngsters around the domain. As part of the commitment to humanity and the digital renaissance, Grid Foundation has already worked a lot in this domain. Furthermore, Hu Grid Foundation has aimed to influence blockchain expertise and digital resources to support and create an equitable and fair future, attempting societal matters like education, culture, healthcare, and many other areas of humanitarian services.

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