The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity Launches Petition for Universal Basic Income

June 23 20:51 2021
Learn more about Universal Basic Income (or UBI) and help us push for a Nationwide adoption.

Coming on the heels of a year that has seen the Federal Government sending three separate, no-strings-attached direct cash payments to a majority of Americans, the Universal Basic Income concept has now been taken up by 53 mayors and is being touted by the mainstream media:

This surge of interest for an idea that goes back to Founding Father Thomas Paine and more recently was championed by conservative economist Milton Friedman and social justice icon Martin Luther King, Jr. did not occur by accident. Rather, it demonstrates the power of grassroots mobilization that began with the enthusiastic followers of 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang and has since exploded as organizations such as relentlessly mobilize at the local, state and federal levels to make Universal Basic Income a reality.

Much in the way that the Townsend Clubs movement, launched in 1933 by Dr. Francis E. Townsend, claiming some 5 million members at its peak, and demanding financial protection for the elderly in the midst of the Great Depression was instrumental in the promulgation of the Social Security Act by Congress, the demand for Universal Basic Income as a response to the pandemic is having an effect on economic policy in the here and now.

Given the similarities between the plight of Americans during the Great Depression and now the pandemic, there is every reason to believe that Universal Basic Income is on its way to becoming a transitional solution to a number of 21st century challenges such as income inequality and the threat of technological unemployment.

As part of a similar grass-roots mobilization, the non-profit Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity has launched a petition signature effort asking Congress to make Universal Basic Income a permanent part of the economic floor under which no American can fall.

More information about Universal Basic Income is available at Basic Income Today, which contains continuously updated up to date information about Universal Basic Income and its impact on our economic, political and societal circumstances, especially as we grapple with the recovery from the pandemic’s devastation.

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