Clickmajic Uses Latest AI Technology in Removing Image Backgrounds in under Five Seconds

June 23 20:36 2021
It delivers amazing results even on images with the most challenging edges, tiny details and other complex scenarios.

Businesses that find every possible way to save cost and simplify production and marketing processes will find Clickmajic’s automatic background removal technology in images to be of tremendous assistance. Using the latest in visual AI technology, the company provides the world’s best background image removal solution that both companies and individuals will love adding to their creative and editing tools.

“We believe Clickmajic is the very best solution available anywhere for automated background image removal, with the highest levels of accuracy, at an affordable price. Removing backgrounds of an image has been a major pain point for so many, for so long, but not anymore,” stated a representative from Clickmajic.

Clickmajic succeeds in giving simple, powerful and cost-saving background image-removing solutions. The team has researched the recent developments in visual AI and developed a market-leading solution that makes this traditionally complicated technology fast and simple to use. There’s no need for complicated editing software anymore. Clickmajic is 100 percent automatic and fast, so companies can reduce editing time by simply uploading their images to Clickmajic’s platform.

Organizations won’t need extravagant tech skills for their visual campaigns. Clickmajic helps creative teams to be more technologically advanced than ever before when it comes to photography, design and showcasing products — all the while delivering stunning results. They will be able to save time and money as they won’t have to worry about organizing green screen photo shoots anymore and hiring designers who are skilled in Photoshop.

After removing the original background image, customers can choose to use a white background since they usually sell more products with this creative choice. This functionality is very useful to businesses as white backgrounds also put more focus on their products and are much easier on the eye. They can, however, still choose to have a transparent background, a colored background or upload their very own custom background using Clickmajic.

“We saved over 50 percent in costs and lost out nothing on quality by switching to Clickmajic. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing a background image removal service,” shared Tony Foote, managing director of JobTrac + Ltd.

The Clickmajic team works hard on improving their technology solutions and creating exciting new AI products to assist people and businesses in additional workflow areas in the future.

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Clickmajic provides the world’s best background image removal solution using visual AI technology.

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