Cubed Mobile Debuts Complete Enterprise Mobile Security Solution

June 23 19:42 2021
Partnership with Zimperium elevates mobile threat protection to new heights.

In the digital age, data is more valuable than perhaps ever and must be highly guarded to protect all involved parties. That’s why Cubed Mobile selected Zimperium to enhance its own solutions and help create a complete enterprise mobile security solution that does everything needed to protect data to the greatest extent.

Powered by Zimperium’s machine learning-based mobile security technology, Cubed Mobile is delivering full security shielding for mobiles. This will enable enterprises to monitor, manage, and secure devices against mobile cyberattacks, including those from networks, devices, and applications. “Zimperium continuously detects threats and provides Cubed Mobile with visibility to enact risk-based policies for host attacks and protect mobile devices from being compromised and impacting the corporate network and information,” said Tzachi Zack, CPO at Cubed Mobile.

As a standalone infrastructure, Cubed Mobile effortlessly keeps business data separated from personal data stored on phones that belong to employees. The safety of business data is critical, and keeping it separate from personal data is just one step in ensuring the full security of such data. In essence, Cubed Mobile works by creating two mobile phones within a single one. By combining enterprise mobility management (EMM) and secured communication (SC), Cubed Mobile has pioneered the enterprise virtual smartphone (EVS) with a platform that is currently available for both Apple and Android.

Cubed Mobile selected Zimperium because of its industry-leading suite of solutions for detecting mobile threats, including its highly sought-after mobile endpoint security, mobile application security and value accelerators. It’s through these solutions that Zimperium empowers enterprises to secure mobile endpoints and ensure security and safety when employees access data that needs to remain private. Industry leading companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Samsung currently leverage the Zimperium platform to meet their customers’ needs.

Now, customers can benefit from the unique combination of technologies brought by the two industry leaders. The integrated solution creates an exceptionally robust and comprehensive mobile security solution for enterprises who are looking for a strong solution for their data security needs.

Statistics show that cyber criminals could steal upwards of 33 billion records in 2023, and each year, hundreds of large-scale data breaches make an impact on people and enterprises. Preventing such cybercrimes is the key to curbing the statistics, and that’s exactly what Cubed Mobile and Zimperium hope to do as their partnership grows to benefit enterprises in all industries.

This collaboration was brought about through our integration partner Datashield Security who represent Cubed Mobile and Zimperium and represent both organizations in the United Kingdom.

“This is an exciting step forward in ensuring the data of both corporate and personal users is protected and compartmentalized at this highest level whilst moving the Enterprise Virtual Smartphone to the next level reducing cost and management but increasing privacy and vastly improving the end user experience.Said Peter von Oven CTO at Datashield commented.

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The Cubed Mobile platform keeps business data isolated from personal on employees’ phones.

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