The Protein Calculator Facilitates in Achieving Fitness Goals by Calculating Daily Protein Intake

June 23 18:12 2021
The easy-to-use protein calculator is the perfect tool to calculate optimal daily protein intake and track nutritional progress!

Protein serves to be a primary source of nutrient for everyone. However, when it comes to calculating protein intake, the task can often become tedious and confusing. So be it for reaching a certain fitness goal, building an athletic body or a shedding few pounds, calculating optimal daily protein will expedite the process of reaching these goals without compromising health and well-being. Therefore, Fitness Volt has introduced an easy-to-use protein calculator to calculate optimal daily protein intake and determine the number of nutrients required by the body as per age, weight, gender, height etc.  

When calculating the intake of protein, it is important to be aware of its primary benefits. This essential micronutrient is important to build muscles and maintain a healthy body weight. Additionally, protein helps make vital hormones and enzymes found in the body to aid in important chemical reactions, carry out metabolic functions, and promote hemoglobin production. Protein also plays a vital role in weight management and satiety. Hence, consuming a healthy diet with the right protein intake can do wonders in helping one achieve fitness goals.  Protein, made from amino acids, which are the building blocks, are divided into three categories. These categories are essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids and conditional amino acids. When it comes to essential amino acids, these are not naturally produced in the body and comes from the food consumed. Thus, calculating the optimal daily protein with a protein calculator aid in making a customized diet plan and to consume the perfect amount of nutrient that the body requires.  

What’s more impressive about the protein calculator is that it helps determine the individual protein requirement, which varies from person to person. Hence, it becomes easy to check the total protein intake every day, week and month and track progress, which many fail to do. A protein calculator is an amazing tool for those who train hard in the gym, are super active, and aspire to achieve their goals without comprising the amount and quality of nutrients. The easy-to-use protein calculator uses formulas to determine the daily intake of protein. By first identifying the recommended calories required by the body, the Harris-Benedict equation calculates the BMR to determine the accurate protein intake. Furthermore, the calculator also factors the daily calories burnt by the body to develop recommended calories. For example, the ideal protein intake for a sedentary man is 56 grams, while sedentary women in 46 grams. However, different individuals require different protein intake depending on their age, weight, consumption habits, and fitness goals. To sum it up, the protein calculator is an incredible tool to identify the optimal daily protein intake and to facilities in achieving related goals fitness goals effectively. 

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Fitness Volt has introduced a protein calculator to determine the optimal daily protein intake as per individual difference and achieve fitness goals. The calculator uses formulas to determine the protein intake, uses the Harris-Benedict equation to calculate basal metabolic rate (BMR), and accurately considers the individual difference to give accurate results. 

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