Local Studio Owner Releases Guide Book on What to Eat Before and After Yoga Exercises to Maximize Results

June 22 21:18 2021
“What To Eat Before & After Yoga: The Ideal Yoga Diet Plan” is a new book from Staci Burland, Owner of YoFiT, a Yoga gym in Carlsbad. The book highlights the proper dietary plans to make the most out of Yoga exercises

It’s said that Yoga has many benefits. However, not everyone knows that a good dietary plan is also essential in complementing one’s workout routine. The book “What To Eat Before & After Yoga: The Ideal Yoga Diet Plan” by Staci Burland is a compendium of dietary plans guaranteed to help readers maximize Yoga exercises and get the best results.

“I wrote this book to help educate yoga practitioners on the proper diet to help them maximize the results they are getting during their workouts,” said author Staci Burland. “As a Yoga Studio owner, some of the most frequent questions my students ask pertain to their diet,” she added.

The dietary plans shared by Staci Burland in the book “What To Eat Before & After Yoga: The Ideal Yoga Diet Plan” will help readers increase metabolism and aid digestion while showing them how to achieve their fitness goals practicing Yoga.

It promises to be the perfect guide that navigates Yogis on which foods to avoid and which produce the biggest payoff to contribute the maximum benefits while taking Yoga classes.

Staci Burland owns a Yoga studio in Carlsbad, California, called YoFiT, where she offers personal fitness instruction, yoga classes, circuit training, and myofascial release. Over the years, Staci’s dietary plans have helped her students lose over 1000 pounds collectively. She shares these proven strategies in her new book, which is now available on Amazon.

Speaking about her expertise and how vital her new book is, Staci had this to say, “As a lifelong athlete, I’ve focused on regimenting what I eat so that I can gain the most from the fuel that I put into my body. This guide book and diet plan was compiled from some of the leading minds working in nutrition & personal fitness today, along with my observations based on what has worked for not only myself but my students that adhere to it.”

To get the book “What To Eat Before & After Yoga: The Ideal Yoga Diet Plan” by Staci Burland, please visit https://www.amazon.com/What-Eat-Before-After-Yoga-ebook/dp/B094VDHZ83/.

About YoFit

YoFiT USA is revolutionizing the world of fitness in Carlsbad, California, by utilizing the most cutting-edge technology to help Yogis achieve their goals at a fast pace With full fitness tracking software that allows trainers to accurately track clients’ biometrics, progress and performance, to heart rate monitoring systems and fully visual integrated workout screens, all Yogis have to do is show up and YoFiT has got them covered.

Founded by Staci Burland, YoFiT offers circuit training, personal training, and yoga classes. The philosophy at the gym is that combining multiple avenues of fitness will create better all-round individuals and athletes. The gym was founded to be the second home for anyone interested in staying fit with a robust community presence.

For more information on YoFiT USA and Staci Burland, please visit https://www.yofitusa.com/.

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