Introducing, a Fast and Unique Solution for Gamers and Techies Looking for Automated Clicks Software

June 22 20:38 2021
The new website application allows gamers and techies to automate the mouse clicks on a computer screen for clicker and incremental games and other tech-related activities

Gamers typically use auto clickers to get past certain challenges, grow faster, and complete tasks on Clicker games. Getting a fast and easy to use clicker software is time-consuming, and when they find one, it is often unreliable. The autoclicker rewrites this unpleasant narrative by offering gamers an easy-to-use automated mouse clicking software to help them play games better. is a software or application used to automate the mouse clicks on a computer screen. The software is designed especially for gamers who play Clicker and Incremental games such as Dogeminer, AdVenture Capitalist, Cookie Clicker, Realm Grinder, etc.

In addition, gamers on The Minecraft and Roblox community also use auto clickers as it is a click-based game. These auto clickers are used to play quests, build, and mine faster than opponents on the game. Tech guys are often need mouse clicking software to carry out certain tech-related tasks and the software is an ideal solution.

Aside from being a software gamers and techies can use when in need of repetitive mouse clicks, the software comes with other amazing features, which includes:

Click Intervals

The click intervals feature allows users to set the time in-between mouse clicks. The time can be set in seconds or milliseconds depending on how much time the user wants between clicks.

Click Buttons

This feature is an option for the mouse buttons users want to click on the screen. Several advanced auto clickers also let users choose from keyboard buttons.

Number of Clicks

With this feature, users can set the number of automated clicks they want or chose the ‘Repeat until stopped’ for unlimited clicks. The software allows a wide range of tailored solution for gamers.

Target Mode

The Target mode is one feature that sets the software apart from others in its category. With this mode, users can set multiple targets on their gaming screen. A couple of Android apps today include the Target Mode option with their services.

Click Type

The application offers the possibility of choosing whether the automated mouse clicks will be single or double clicks.

There are so many benefits gamers stand to gain from making use of the software. It is the perfect solution for playing Clicker and Incremental games and tech guys who want to automate mouse clicks.

About is founded to help gamers and techies who want to automate mouse clicks. The software provides users with the fastest auto clicker in the market for auto-clicking. To learn more, please visit

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