Squadbotik: The Post-pandemic integrated AI-Security Solutions Opportunity

June 22 19:46 2021

London – June 22, 2021 – Over the last 10 years, the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become increasingly widespread across all industrial sectors. What began as an academic discipline, has become the driving force behind machine-speed situational awareness and more accurate decision-making, up and down the chain of command. AI is not just a fancy technology acronym, but rather, a set of new tools redefining the world of tomorrow.

There are countless applications for this technology. Military, enterprise, private & government security, healthcare, appliances, apps, automotive and industrial process control are just a few examples one can mention.

Organizations of all types are seizing upon the opportunity provided by AI to gain deeper insight into their operational challenges and to identify critical vulnerabilities, translating technological investments into measurable outcomes, optimization, and substantial people and infrastructure savings.

One current challenge for this new type of technology is the complex national and border security landscape where governments are having difficulty finding solutions that can effectively combine AI with relevant hardware.

Along came a visionary

Bruno Ciroussel – Geneva 2021 – getty

Fifteen years ago, Bruno Ciroussel, the founder & CEO of Squadbotik, a Swiss-based AI firm focused on security understood these challenges and formed a team of developers (a squad in the company terms) with one objective in mind: design and develop the ultimate AI integrated security solutions dedicated to Ground, Coastal and Customs Security.

Combining 18 000 labour-days of R&D, 15 years of software development, and more than 25 years of experience in the security field, Squadbotik developed a unique off-the-shelf IOT sensor technology operating in a matrix model in which each point is a detection and communication system (cameras, drones, radars, etc.) acting independently to capture data in real-time, and all part of a single AI central office. SquadBotik’s clients get to have total control of their security environment with instant reporting, proactive analysis and forecasting, effectively measuring data and anticipating security threats.

“We deliver easy-to-implement, simple-to-use solutions covering 3 major areas: Ground Security, Customs Security, and Coastal Security. Our made-to-measure security is built around the quality of our products, the extensive experience of our squad, our deep knowledge of the private and government sectors and our strategic partnerships that allow us to implement effective and secure solutions that place the strategic imperatives of our clients at the core of the process,” precised Mr Ciroussel,

Ciroussel explains that the company uses its proprietary technology to achieve a head office with AI skills, in communication with each detection point, and equipped with cloning capabilities that avoid “loss of computing”, a key consideration for security that can’t afford to be “blind”, even momentarily. 

“Governments are increasingly looking for solutions that can autonomously manage a network of standard and thermal cameras, radars, balloons and drones to reduce margin of error and trigger immediate tactical support in the event of an intrusion,” he added.

As Covid-19 continues to impact global supply chains and put strain on nations’ technical and human resources, national enforcement agencies are struggling to maintain the integrity of their security frameworks. This unprecedented situation has created ideal conditions for organized crime and illegal activities such as drug trafficking, weapons and contraband smuggling and human trafficking at both land crossings and in maritime settings. While prevention and tracking of terrorism continues to be the key driver in all national security frameworks, it is now clear that critical ‘daily’ issues involving criminal activities must be addressed as an integral part of security programs and leveraging AI and machine-learning to “out-innovate” criminals is the best defense.

Beyond securing borders and maintaining security, AI has countless other applications in customs operations that can reduce losses and issues related to smuggling and fraud. SquadBotik’s impenetrable, fully-automated 24/7 grid, operating with little or no human supervision, drastically increases the success rate of threat detection and the identification of contraband. As part of its international development strategy, Squadbotik has contributed to the shoring up of border controls in Africa, South America and in the GCC countries. 

The company’s product line covers all aspects of automated AI security:

1 – the SquadBotik Engine governs all sensors in the network;

2 – the Squadbotik IOT controls drone stations and balloons on the ground or in the water;

3 – the SquadBotik Portal/Supervisor provides the viewer interface; and,

4 – the hardware: drones, blimps, radars, long-range cameras, ground and maritime beacons that collect the surveillance data. 


All that information is then seamlessly analyzed by AI for threats while constantly improving its processes through its machine-learning capacities. Impenetrable security that is always one step ahead of the bad guys.

Governments now have an opportunity to make things right and SquadBotik’s AI integrated security solutions may be just the way to make that happen. 


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