NEQTR Revolutionizes the Business Card Industry, Changes How People Share and Connect with Single Digital Business Card and Card Wallet

October 26 17:57 2020

NEQTR, a powerful new resource for information sharing and networking is revolutionizing the business card industry. Bringing the industry into the digital age, NEQTR is a proprietary mobile solution that saves time and money by letting people share and store contact information – traditionally found on physical business cards.

With NEQTR, the struggle of having to collect, store, and sort business cards quickly becomes a thing of the past. A cumbersome and time-consuming process, too many professionals report spending unnecessary time manually scanning and inputting contact information from physical cards they receive each day. Sometimes forced to carry and index hundreds of physical cards, NEQTR instead provides a single digital alternative with a full-featured library. Getting started is as simple as downloading NEQTR, selecting a card layout, filling in contact information – including company logos or images, contact details, and social media links to create a single, endless business card.

An innovative solution, NEQTR allows users to create an unlimited amount of custom business cards, or “Neqtr,” for fast, seamless sharing with other users. Be it at conferences, meetings, or work in the field, NEQTR frees up the flow of information by linking a custom QR code to each card, so that they can be shared and scanned by others. Upon scanning, information from the card is inputted into the NEQTR app and mobile phone’s contact database, maximizing digital information security by retaining it in two places to prevent lost or overwritten data.

A simple, revolutionary approach, NEQTR represents an advancement in how people network and share their information to make sharing and collecting business cards easy. Try NEQTR for free today via the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

To learn more, please visit YOURNEQTR.COM

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