Some predictions on the square steel pipe market

October 15 20:38 2020

Last week the domestic steel market price range shock. At this stage, market transactions have become increasingly weak, most terminals and traders began to enter the liquidation stage, the remaining substantial transaction cycle is short, so for the consideration of cash out of shipment, the possibility of price chasing up is not high.Secondly, most of the markets of square steel pipe have started to prepare for winter storage before the holiday. For the steel enterprises, there is no obvious inventory pressure for the time being and the increase of social storage resources and its growth rate is still within a reasonable range, so it is difficult to generate large negative factors in the short term.

square tube (2)

Last week, the domestic steel market price overall to small shock operation, the market mentality is stable, winter storage gradually began to start.From the recent market situation, construction sites and actual demand of mild steel tube will continue to weaken, the downstream industry market demand will be mainly restocking, especially seasonal demand stronger construction steel, in the case of steel mills had winter policy is generally introduced, before and after the Spring Festival market inventory will be a rapid increase, but inventories rising strength lower than last year the possibility of more.The China-US vice-ministerial trade consultation has been concluded.The statistics of the two sides continue to maintain close contact. There will not be too much good or bad news, which will have little impact on the market of structural steel pipe. Expected this week domestic steel market prices will be stable fluctuations.

Last week’s strong market operation, good news continues. For this week’s market, I think, will be based on stability, but weak operation is more likely. Despite the frequent occurrence of favorable policies last week, the wait-and-see sentiment of the market is still very strong and the price did not reach the expected psychological price of most people. Although the price of futures and billet has risen, it seems very hesitant. Additional, the production of steel pipe supplier falls after apparently in December medium late part. Last week, the inventory of steel billets in tangshan decreased by 30,000 tons to 120,000 tons. The earlier production reduction of steel mills played a crucial role in supporting the steel billet price rise of 120 yuan last week. Lange steel across the country hundreds of small and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises in the blast furnace operating at (157) : January 11, 2019, Lange steel cloud business platform survey among hundreds of small and medium-sized steel enterprises throughout the country, there are 58 steel 108 blast furnace for maintenance (including production and stewing furnace equipment, similarly hereinafter), lower than last week 3 (2 new blast furnace overhaul, this week 5 blast furnace and production).

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