Which People Should Wear The Neck-mounted Bluetooth Headset?

July 31 08:19 2020
Which People Should Wear The Neck-mounted Bluetooth Headset?

TWS Blue Tooth Headset

1. A long time to sit in front of the computer office workers

The advantage of the neck-wearing Bluetooth headset is that it is comfortable to wear, but also easy to hide under the collar, while the headset uses Bluetooth connection, also exempt from the cable’s bondage, long-term wear does not feel like a nuisance.

2. People wearing glasses For those who wear glasses, the ears are already a pair of annoying glasses feet, and then with sports-type ear-mounted Bluetooth headphones or headphones, it is quite cumbersome, and wearing is not comfortable.

And the ear-wearing headphones are commonly used in the ear-type, with no conflict with the foot of the glasses, and the headset battery, wire control design in the neck ring, its earplugs than ordinary ear-hanging bluetooth headset to be small, wearing more comfortable.

3. Business people with busy business

Neck-hung headphones because of the internal space of the neck ring compared to ordinary ear-hanging bluetooth headset more space can accommodate more power of the battery, in the battery can do more, for the telephone more business people, long battery life, do not have to charge frequently, this is very intimate, but also very well in line with their needs.

4. Lazy people

Lazy is the biggest feature is to do things do not bother to do, and the neck wearing Bluetooth headset can be hung in the neck, not only can be used as decorations, and when there is a call or want to listen to music to use also convenient, no need to wear ear-hung bluetooth headset frequently worn or off, very troublesome.

5. People who like to exercise light weight With a Bluetooth headset, the wireless design also helps to get rid of the “stethoscope effect” caused by the shaking and rubbing of the headset cord during the daily use of traditional wired headphones.

And the common use of the neck-mounted Bluetooth headset small in-ear earplugs on the external environmental noise isolation effect, it is suitable for the noise of the indoor gym in the light of the movement and noisy subway, bus use.

6. The pursuit of personality of the people Now a lot of young people like to personalize things, whether it is to eat, wear, use all want to be different, and the market on the neck of Bluetooth headset not only the unique shape, a wide variety, but also in the material and technology there are many innovations, wearing up both fashionable and very personality, very suitable for this part of the needs of people.

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