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June 25 14:04 2020

RoadLINX Reefer Freight enables the shipment of goods that are sensitive to high temperatures or cold temperatures during hot or cold climate and provides a well-regulated temperatures for the carried goods. RoadLINX temperature-controlled or regulated trucks also known as Reefer truck is made up of three components with a self-controlled temperature that serves as a provider of heat or cold to carry goods in order to protect goods.

The reefer trucks provide heating and cooling features by increasing temperatures in a cold climate and reducing temperatures in a hot climate such that heat-sensitive goods can be protected from heat during transportation and cold-sensitive goods can be protected from the cold in the winter as a result of improved technology. RoadLINX reefer trucks comprises of three major compartments includes the condenser, operator, and evaporator that ensure the temperature within the truck is regulated irrespective of the external or environmental temperature.

RoadLINX reefer trucks or refrigerator trucks are designed specially to transport goods such as meat, frozen foods, conveying wines at regulated temperatures, chocolates and other beverages and drinks at the proper temperatures and also useful for conveying medical supplies that are sensitive to temperatures so as to prevent their degradation of damage. RoadLINX provides and aid in increasing time for conveying certain goods through transportation of goods at high heat wave may be difficult.

RoadLINX as an international shipping company also provides heated trucks that transport products at moderately warm temperatures especially in winter or cold conditions including mountainous regions at high altitudes. RoadLINX helps to transport foods that require a temperature slightly higher than freezing temperatures such as milk, cheese, and wine and also for products that do not need any temperatures. RoadLINX trucks temperatures can be regulated to the desired temperature irrespective of the outside temperature.

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX provides a cross-border freight shipping in Canada and the U.S. RoadLINX is an international shipping and freight trucking company with a number of brokers, drivers, and technicians and provides personalized remedy to transportation needs with many trucks and customized containers, expedited service and with tracking features. RoadLINX provides transportation options by air, sea, or land and also provides a choice of LTL (less than truckload) or FTL (full truckload) shipping.

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