Airglity, an Unmanned AI-Powered Aerial Robot Platform for Public Safety, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

June 25 08:09 2020
Airglity, an Unmanned AI-Powered Aerial Robot Platform for Public Safety, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

College Park, MD – June 24, 2020 – Airgility, an AI and autonomous systems drone company that is dedicated to making a big social impact by creating unparalleled aerial systems that can fly anywhere, including areas with limited or no GPS access, is gaining momentum with their newly launched regulation crowdfunding campaign. 

Airgility builds AI-powered aerial robots for public safety, security and defense, and commercial sector requirements, able to handle both outdoor and indoor autonomous, self-directed flights. Using a proprietary operating system, these aerial robots can also work independently in complex environments, utilizing their own AI network that helps them decide what to do, where to go, and how to complete the task.

With an unmanned AI-powered system that can fly in confined spaces, Airgility can conduct the most important missions that include search and rescue, border protection, medical supply delivery, and other critical life-and-death missions today. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning so the drones can perceive their surroundings with sharp accuracy, Airgility drones can provide feedback in real-time.
“We’re in the early innings of a long ballgame when it comes to drones,” said Pramod Raheja, CEO and Cofounder of Airgility. “Our drones are more agile, maneuverable, and smarter than the many quadcopter or fixed-wing drones on the market.  We take the best characteristics of a helicopter, an airplane, and a quadcopter and combine them into one platform.  This turns out to be a perfect blend for many missions/use cases in both the commercial and government sectors.” 

“Robots have the potential to save lives, either by removing people from danger, or preventing people from ending up in those dangerous situations to begin with,” said Raheja. “The problem of the past is that these robots did not have the ability to have more advanced algorithms onboard to make decisions. We have changed that and have figured out how to run these important decision-making algorithms more efficiently than anyone else, which is why our AI invention is going to change the world forever.”

In order to support its growth, Airgility launched a crowdfunding campaign on the platform, Start Engine. Thus far, they have raised over $100k, with a $12 million valuation and 225 listed investors and counting. They have 60 days left to meet their campaign goal.

Believing that the world is entering an aerospace revolution in the coming years, Airgility is passionate about the impact that this emerging technology can have on the world. They want all potential investors to think about the social impact and the good that can come from these types of technologies.

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