Free webinar teaches small and medium sized companies how to combat cyber attacks

June 23 00:52 2020

Myrtle Beach, SC – June 23, 2020 – COVID-19 has brought changes to almost every aspect of life. Offices are closed, staff are working remotely and the economy has slowed to a crawl. While the pace of life seems to have slowed down, one sector is busier than ever – cyber crimes. In the last week of March alone, Microsoft reported more than 110,000 phishing attacks on companies. All too often, staff, even well-trained staff, are fooled by these sophistical attacks designed to trick companies into letting online criminals gain access to confidential information.

SpartanTec, Inc., a South Caroline-based proactive network security company, encounters a sense of complacency amongst business owners on a daily basis. Perhaps out of a mistaken sense that their business won’t be targeted or that they are too small to be target and too small to afford professional network security, most companies only think about network security after a phishing or cyber attack has happened and their network, customer information, equipment and work product have been compromised.

“With businesses suffering so much down time already, being taken offline or having to deal with privacy breaches is the last thing that businesses need to deal with,” explains Lisa Carter, president of SpartanTec, Inc., “Many small and medium sized businesses are not only not seeking proactive solutions to counter these threats, they aren’t prepared for the aftermath of an attack either. Finding network security specialists to help you after a crippling attack has happened, is like shutting the proverbial barns doors after the horses have escaped.”

Even companies who have dedicated, full-time IT staff can benefit from the external, proactive IT network security specialists at SpartanTec, Inc.

“These days, with so many working from home, IT specialists are spread too thin. They are troubleshooting staff connectivity and hardware problems rather than keeping an eye on the security of the network. That isn’t their fault, it’s simply that they can’t focus on everything equally. That’s why understanding the threats, what can be done about them and having a back-up proactive network security services is more important than ever,” says Carter.

To assist small and medium businesses to fully understand the threats they face and how best to protect their company’s data, SpartanTec, Inc. is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 1 p.m. EST. To sign up for the 30-minute webinar, please visit

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