Golden California Regional Center connecting love through public benefit activities

April 06 19:00 2020
Bethany Liou hopes to connect more love through long-term, sustainable engagement in public benefit activities

Some time ago, WalletHub, a bay area personal-finance website, published a report assessing the stress on American families. The results show that families living in Silicon Valley, California, have the highest financial stress — mortgage, property taxes, home insurance, auto insurance… plus other living expenses. Families living in the Bay area can be really tough if they don’t make $300,000 a year.

But not everyone in the Bay area is a well-paid engineer.  For example, a local teacher frets about the educational problems in Silicon Valley in the bay area, ‘School is just like a microcosm of society, and you will meet a child who lives a good life and is well cared for.  But you also will worry about the children who are overwhelmed by life and can hardly be cared for. Public schools close early, so the children after school are also worrying. If no family member or day-care centers pick themup from school, many children are wandering on the streets! The fear is that the probability of joining bad gang is very high.’

The team at the Golden California Regional Center and our leader Bethany Liou also know that “Education is the Seed of Gold”! Therefore, we have been adhering to the concept of using love and warmth to convey kindness, and actively participate in various public welfare and charity activities in the Silicon Valley. In particular, Bethany Liou has been a VIP donor to Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley since 2005. It’s not just money, but musical instruments, storybooks, computers, paintings, etc., and she always gets involved in helping the boys and girls.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley was founded in 1944 with a history of 75 years. We have changed and improved the lives of thousands of boys and girls in Silicon Valley. We helped children from kindergarten through high school develop basic skills, make lasting connections and find joy. The club provides a safe place for children to study, play and grow after school from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day. The club has a variety of activities. We have been providing the boys and girls in the club with all the tools they need for free, so that they can not only succeed in their studies, but also live a healthy life and take all challenges in their stride. As a change agent… Any choice will have a positive impact on the children.

Bethany Liou of the Golden California Regional Center, hopes to connect more love through long-term, sustainable engagement in public benefit activities.

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