City Linemarking & Maintenance Reports Roads Are More Than Infrastructure

April 01 17:06 2020
City Linemarking offers services and products which help to improve the safety level on Australia’s Peak highways. The company encourages Councils to think of roads as more than infrastructure.

City Linemarking & Maintenance and Ash Prasad are pleased to announce that they are encouraging local governments to consider that a reduction of road deaths and injuries may be linked to thinking of roads as more than just infrastructure. The Austroads resource, Local Government Road Safety Management Guidance, says Councils play an important role in road safety, as planning authorities and instruments for lobbying other levels of government for infrastructure and services. They also play a crucial role in managing community behaviour.

The guide recommends that Councils embed a road safety management system in their processes and operations. It advocates the ‘Safe System’ approach pioneered in Sweden, which rests on four pillars of safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles, and safe systems. For local government, this means having a management system that goes beyond providing infrastructure services within which road fatalities and serious injuries occur, the report says.

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A spokesperson for City Linemarking stated, “Road markings are those reflective white, continuous or dashed bands sprayed onto roadways, marking the separation of lanes, identifying general road rules like ‘stop’ and ‘give way,’ and helping pedestrians safely cross through traffic. They guide the path, they keep us safe, and they are so ubiquitous that we rarely give them much thought at all but did you know those familiar longitudinal markings all have to undergo rigorous testing to make sure they can withstand constant exposure to traffic and changing weather conditions, and still function properly?”

“Some of the important features of road markings,” he continued, “include the reflective quality that assists night time driving. City Linemarking & Maintenance has extensive experience in all linemarking applications. With our team’s industry knowledge and years of successful experience, our valued client will benefit from our recommendations and guidance, resulting in a successful linemarking application at your facility.”

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