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April 01 10:22 2020

With the development of China’s manufacturing industry, more and more foreign trade companies and factories have been born. The demand for some automobiles, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, audio, headphones, etc. is also very large, and iteration is very fast. Therefore, the manufacturing industry is also very busy. Nowadays, it is very popular in China to say “price war”.

For precision machining, of course, some functional parts are also the cost of materials plus a little processing cost, so it will be relatively cheap. Some high-quality products, Such as demanding appearance, high precision tolerances, these products will be relatively expensive. If your product requirements are very high, you need to be prepared to accept high prices.

After many cooperation with AIXI Hardware Co., Limited, the following are summarized:

1: The price is relatively reasonable, not the most expensive nor the lowest, and it is acceptable.

2: The feedback is very timely. Because of the jet lag, communication can be obtained in the middle of the night in time.

3: Very professional, can clearly understand the requirements of products and drawings, and be consistent with the design.

4: The delivery is very immediate. If it can’t be delivered on time, AIXI Hardware will inform in advance, so that you can know in advance and adjust the subsequent work.

5: The most important point is to be very honest, which is also respect for business.

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For precision CNC machining, the overall process of AIXI Hardware is very complete. After receiving the order and shipping, the order arrives at AIXI Hardware. The engineer will review the drawings and make the drawings that can be processed, purchase raw materials, test materials, and start the production of orders. There will be QC personnel to check regularly to ensure that there is no error in each processing link, and QC personnel will re-test each size of the finished product, and produce a test report. In the final delivery, a test report and material report will be attached, and COC files, etc., so that customers can more clearly see the correctness of the product.

Common 3D printing, Vacuum Casting, Silicone molding, Injection, AIXI Hardware can also provide a good service. For some very large products, in terms of packaging, we can customize the wooden box packaging to prevent the product from being hit by the express delivery. Damage, for injection molded products, the overall design will be analyzed in the early stage to provide a DFM report, so that it is very clear to understand when making the mold.

In the past three months, AIXI Hardware has focused on the research of injection molding and mold design, and has produced about 20 sets of molds. It has a good experience. At the quotation stage, AIXI Hardware will analyze whether the product can make molds. And put forward corresponding suggestions to give a suitable price. During the design of the mold, AIXI Hardware will test the product again. After there are no problems, AIXI Hardware will produce the mold. After the first samples are sent to the customer for testing, and then follow-up Mass production.

During the recent epidemic, AIXI Hardware also made some mask machine accessories to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

PS: AIXI Hardware is a precision manufacturing factory located in Shenzhen. It is a professional manufacturer of CNC processing, 3D printing, stamping, sheet metal, silicone mold and injection molding. We have a complete production management system, ISO standard, and The internal staff has systematically trained the ISO process, so the production, manufacturing, testing, assembly and packaging of the products are very clear.

And the factory is also certified by ISO 9001. We are in an industrial park. Our main focus is on quality. We also have the latest knowledge of performance appraisal and regular training for our quality personnel. This is also to confirm the product without any mistakes. It is also a 100% good quality product.

We have a professional international sales team, on how to ship, import / export declarations, all international knowledge, are very clear, and the sales team also regularly learn the hardware industry knowledge. So you will find it very happy to communicate with us and discover our profession. 

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