Homeowner Investments in Furnace and Air Conditioning Units Pays Off

March 31 18:51 2020
Homeowner Investments in Furnace and Air Conditioning Units Pays Off

Travis Crawford, owner Travis Crawford Heating and Cooling, Inc.
Owner of Travis Crawford Heating and Cooling, Inc., recommends bi-annual service for air flow systems

By Jim Kedge

CHARLOTTE, NC More and more homeowners are thinking of their homes as investments for the future. Not only does buying a house provide families with a place to live, but it also provides security through the increase of capital and savings. Many families see their homes as an addition to their retirement savings, something that will be there for them when there is a need.

Travis Crawford, owner of Travis Crawford Heating and Cooling Inc., wants homeowners to start considering whats inside their homes as an investment, as well. The heating and cooling equipment we have in our houses is a valuable part of what makes our homes great,” explains Crawford. It makes sense to provide these systems with the best possible care out there.”

Homeowners spend time each year getting their homes ready for winter and spring. There are steps each person can take to make sure pipes dont freeze, the yard and garden are ready for the growing season, and our windows and home are clean to welcome the warmer weather. Just like there are certain activities we do with our homes at different times of the year, Crawford suggests we should add bi-annual service to our furnace and air conditioners. Two times a year, once in the fall and again in the spring, you should get your systems inspected, cleaned, and have preventative maintenance performed,” says Crawford. You take your car in for oil changes, your piano tuned up, and your computer cleaned out by professionals. We should do the same for these complex and critical systems in our homes.”

When an HVAC company like Travis Crawford Heating and Cooling Inc. comes into a home to provide maintenance, they help their customers save money. Not only do these systems run more efficiently when they get the proper care, but they are also less likely to quit on us when we need them the most. When an air conditioner stops working in the middle of the hottest weekend of the year, an emergency call can cost us an arm and a leg. Preventative maintenance scheduled for regular working hours throughout the week helps the homeowner stay ahead of these unpredictable costs.

Our mission is to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service,” Crawford states proudly. We do this so that their homes and businesses provide them with the comfort they deserve. We offer prices well below our competition, and we provide the best service around.”

If you live in the Central Piedmont Region of North and South Carolina, you can contact Travis Crawford Heating and Cooling Inc. for all your HVAC and home service needs.

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