American Construction Gives Back to Cherry Hill Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

March 31 10:02 2020
American Construction Gives Back to Cherry Hill Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

The whole world is currently at a halt due to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. It has not only affected ordinary citizens, but it has already affected various business sectors and industries. Businesses are forced to close in the meantime. In contrast, other various forms of minor and major events (conventions, concerts, and other gatherings) are forced to either postpone or cancel as a safety measure to prevent the massive spreading of this deadly virus.

Due to much concern over the Coronavirus outbreak, and the fear that many citizens might not have enough food and supplies to help them survive during this crisis, United States contactor American Construction has decided to give back to the community of Cherry Hill, New Jersey by providing groceries and food supplies to citizens.

Growing Concerns

American Construction CEO Chris Bruner, along with his business partner Greg Dobkin had a chat along with their wives about the Coronavirus pandemic, with increasing concerns that residences of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, might not have enough food to survive during this crisis. Government officials in significant states of the country are urging all its citizens to stay at home in the meantime, avoid crowded places, and follow strict health protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

News outlets have already confirmed that some people working for the United States government and other major business sectors have already tested positive for the Coronavirus, including notable celebrities like Tom Hanks (with his wife Rita Wilson), Iris Elba, and Kristofer Hivju.

The two couples also echoed the same thoughts that the community might now have great anxiety and fear about this pandemic. As a way to help Cherry Hill, they have teamed up and decided to do their part in the community in a positive way.

When the Coronavirus pandemic has slowly become a significant health problem every single day, there has already been an apparent slow down of business in the exterior remodeling industry. The country is also slowly going into recession as consumers grew with fear over this pandemic. The people at American Construction have also noticed that they have been getting lesser and lesser calls every single day. With these in mind, the two important people of American Construction, along with their wives, set to work.

It is understandable that during these times, it’s tough to put priority reaching out to Cherry Hill roofing, siding, and window business for help. With that said, American Construction decided to do what is best for the meantime and use their current resources to help the community in whatever way they can.

Helping South Jersey in this Complicated Time

Intending to help the community in mind, Chris Bruner took to social media posting on various South Jersey groups on Facebook saying:

“If you need help, we will buy groceries, toiletries, and anything you need. If you are in an at-risk group such as elderly people, you have health issues, you are a single single mother, we will help you. We will buy the groceries, toiletries, household items and children’s toys, and deliver them to your doorstep. Not only that, but American Construction will pay for everything!”

With an overwhelming reaction, American Construction was able to receive a lot of messages from the community and set to work immediately. On the first night of the offer alone, Chris and his wife Jessica have delivered various goods and grocery items all over South Jersey area until midnight.

The next and following days, Chris, Jessica, Greg, Greg’s wife Molly, and American Construction Production Manager Joe Gura made deliveries all over the South Jersey area. During the next week, other employees of American Construction are also doing their part in making a difference in the community.

Making a Difference

In just less than a week, American Construction, a credible long-running family-owned roofing company Cherry Hill NJ, has delivered groceries and other items to over 250 households in the South Jersey area, spending more than $15,000 in the process. The company’s management has been happy to provide this service in this troubling time, and like its company’s goal, they are ready to serve the community in whatever means possible.

Each of the staff involved in charity work is required to practice social distancing. The carts and goods are disinfected continuously to make sure that the items are safe and virus-free to pick up from the residences.

The incredible and generous work that the people at American Construction did make the residents who received the free groceries very emotional and thankful for their infinite kindness and generosity that they have done in South Jersey. The company did not request anything else but reminding the residents to stay at home until this health crisis is over.

“We hope there is a silver lining that comes out of the COVID-19 disaster. That when times got tough, our beautiful community came together in solidarity to help each other,” Chris Bruner said.

Greg Dobkin also said, “The only thing we ask is to pay it forward. A smile, open a door for someone, call someone who is lonely or struggling. Do a kind gesture and make the world a little bit better place during these trying times.”

One of the things that American Construction believes in is that local businesses, especially those in the Cherry Hill area, have an essential obligation to give back and do any kind of social responsibility, especially when a crisis hits in the country. Through thick and thin, the company is dedicated to finding more ways to help the community not just through its business services but also through charity and other social responsibilities.

Long-Time Community Servants

This isn’t the first time that the top people behind American Construction has done something for people of Cherry Hill and South Jersey. Both Chris and Jessica have been very active in the community giving their help and assistance. The couple is active with the Parent Teachers Association, in which Jessica is the Treasure. Aside from this, Jessica is also a soccer coach helping seven and eight-year-old kids get into the game.

Better Protocols for the Safety of Everyone

Concerning the current COVID-19 pandemic, American Construction is a step ahead, making sure that the business continues to serve the public through its reliable roofing and construction-related services. The company has now implemented a stricter health and safety protocols in their company like practicing social distancing and following the required practices to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. They were also continually monitoring the situation by staying updated by statements and statistics released by the World Health Organization and related organizations. Any announcement and adjustments by the company can be checked on the official website or through our social media platforms.

Doing Our Part for The Community

American Construction continues to pride itself as being one with the community in these hard times. This is why the company does not accept any payment or monetary donation about their recent charity work. However, American Construction encourages residences that if ever you wish to donate something for those who are in need of this current crisis, they may do so by sending them to currently established charities.

This generous charity work by American Construction & Roofing In Cherry Hill will continue to be 100% funded by the company and will continuously provide the needed help and assistance to the community. American Construction highly recommends the people of Cherry Hill and all of the South Jersey areas to please stay at home and not engage in any kind of massive social gathering or event in the meantime. This little effort that you can do can save lives, and it is also one of the significant ways that we can help our frontliners in the medical industry to improve and prevent the spreading of this disease.  

For more information about American Construction & Roofing In Cherry Hill, visit their website at You may also contact us at (844) 677-6776 for more details! 

Based on the current statistics by the World Health Organization, there are over 234,073 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of March 21. 9,840 deaths have been confirmed in 177 countries.

In this time, when this health crisis is still ongoing, we are encouraging the general public to their part:

• Make it a habit to wash your hands if possible every hour before or after eating.

• Sanitize your hands and feet every day.

• Be sure to wash your shoes upon arriving home.

• Carefully follow the necessary protocols implemented by your town, county, or city officials.

• Do not hoard or panic-buy alcohol, facemasks, toilet paper, and disinfectants. Please at least give other citizens a chance to buy their supply.

• Always stay updated on the latest updates related to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, as much as possible, people are encouraged to follow only from reliable news sources.

• Do not share or distribute unverified information, it will only cause fear and panic for the general public.

• If ever you are showing possible signs of being positive with COVID-19, please proceed to the nearest hospital immediately.

• Always stay calm and do not panic.

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