Law Office of Craig A. Fahey Outlines How Work History Can Influence the Outcome of a Social Security Disability Claim

March 31 07:54 2020
Law Office of Craig A. Fahey Outlines How Work History Can Influence the Outcome of a Social Security Disability Claim
Law Office of Craig A. Fahey has announced that they would enlighten locals on how their work history can impact on their security disability claims. The team believes that this will make the locals more aware of the importance of providing accurate information on their work history.

San Diego, CA – March 31, 2020 – Law Office of Craig A. Fahey, a team of legal minds, based in San Diego, recently announced that it is going to enlighten locals on how a work history can influence the outcome of their disability claim. This is to prevent clients from providing false information concerning their work experience, which might jeopardize the case. The staff understands that vital information, like work history, can have a significant impact on the case. That’s why they have decided to educate clients on the need to provide accurate data on the previous jobs that they have done.

The team says that clients should always provide accurate information because this can help determine whether they’ll find and stay in meaningful employment. Recent statistics showed that most locals were reluctant to provide their previous work experience, given the fact that they are now disabled. This led to major delays that could otherwise be avoided at the beginning. The team advises clients always to list their job history on disability paperwork. This will help the staff to understand the type of work that a client did before the disability.

The team has also said that a disability case can only proceed after the job listing. Through the previous job experience, lawyers can determine your ability to resume your previous work or even perform another different job. Law Office of Craig A. Fahey confirms that a certain type of disability can prevent one from doing certain kinds of jobs. But if proven otherwise that you have the ability and skills to perform those jobs, then the disability claim may be denied.

Besides, the team also affirms that a client can only win a disability claim if San Diego social security lawyers proves that the client cannot perform any other job. Therefore clients should always list their previous work experience given the fact that similar jobs can have different requirements and skills. Law Office of Craig A. Fahey encourages all clients always to list their previous jobs correctly to increase their chances of winning a disability claim.

Also, the team encourages locals to accurately list their previous jobs and experiences to ensure that their case is adequately evaluated. The firm noted that most clients were denied disability claims because their past work history was not initially listed. Law Office of Craig A. Fahey advises clients to always seek legal services from a reliable team like them to avoid such scenarios.

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