Proxyway Continues to Educate Proxy Users With A New Global Research Report

March 31 07:15 2020
Proxyway Continues to Educate Proxy Users With A New Global Research Report
Proxyway, a trusted online resource for all the information related to internet proxy service providers, has compiled a highly educative report on how these networking solutions are used in major industries. Its pathbreaking technical evaluation, combined with extensive expert survey data, makes the report an invaluable assessment for market researchers globally.

According to Proxyway‘s co-founder Adam Dubois, many digital industries use proxy solutions from the top 9 providers, who offer over 100 million combined IP addresses for rent. Yet, choosing a safe and affordable proxy service can be tricky. Some industries, such as online price comparison websites, might prefer fast networks, while digital advertisers would demand precise geographic targeting for ad fraud prevention.

Businesses looking for proxy providers can compare them on Proxyway. The site is transparent about how it tests and reviews the providers. This year’s report is another step forward in its mission to educate the public about proxy networks and to help everyone find a provider that’s best for them.

The website lists the top proxy providers and has released what it deems to be the first exhaustive report that covers the largest proxy providers across six major business verticals. The report is based on feedback obtained from 191 industry experts and also detailed performance tests.

The Proxy Market Research 2020 report can be found at

Adam Dubois of Proxyway said, “Residential proxies are IP addresses assigned to households. In other words, these are IPs that belong to someone’s computer, phone, or even smart TV. Such proxies are very hard to block, and they often rotate. That’s why, they have become a popular choice not only for hiding your IP address or accessing geo-restricted content, but also scraping public websites, managing social media, and buying limited edition items, such as sneakers. There are dozens of residential proxy providers out there. With so many options, it can be hard to choose a service that would meet your needs best. We tested and ranked the best residential proxy services for six industries: data scraping, market research, ad verification, data aggregation, SEO, localisation testing and app development.

Shedding light on the concept of proxies, Dubois said, “A proxy is a solution that lets you hide your IP, but it’s not some tool used by internet trolls. Proxy networks are essential pieces of the digital industry, and if you’ve ever worked with online data, chances are you were using proxies to get that data.”

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