The Battery Life King of Smartphones – Crazy 10000Mah Battery

March 30 22:48 2020

If with $199.99, to possess a 48MP cameras, 10000 mAh rugged portable battery and a IP69K rugged phone, you can’t describe it as anything else except a big bargain! OUKITEL WP6 today launched WP6 with 20% OFF original price continuing to short of stock with shocking low launching price of only $199.99, delivering directly to its customers a big bargain under such a circumstances of virus outbreak over the world! Buy now.

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As expected by WP series fans, OUKITEL’s alleged “World first rugged phone with 10000 mAh and 48 MP” or “Most affordable rugged phone with cutting-edge specs” WP6 was introduced to the world at 7 AM GMT today. To put it into summary, WP6 integrates features of rugge phone and smartphones. Now here is a coherent anatomy of WP6. For full specification please visit OUKITEL’s WP6 Page. Following is a brief:

10000 mAh Battery

Due to 12nm Helio P70’s low power consumption and 10000 mAh power storage,  battery support 32 days standby, 52 hours of continuous talking. For adventurers, Several more hours of communication ability could mean more chances to survive.

48MP Triple Back Cameras

AI algorithm calculated by P70 is attributable to more detailed and optimized photos. Taking picture of some objects outdoors is critical. P70 and high resolution of cameras are a pair of best matches for phones in some of affordable valued phones. Triple cameras includes one depth and one aux cameras.

Helio P70 Octa-core CPU

Fabricated on TSMC’s 12 nm process, the chip incorporates eight cores. Helio P70 has enhanced AI engine combined with CPU and GPU upgrades for more powerful AI processing. Most important thing is 10000 mAh with low-power-comsumption P70 contribute to longer battery life which mean live or death in wild adventure.

Faster OS System

OUKITEL insider leaks that this version of OS is adjusted by the engineers for numerous times for best outcome. After optimization, WP6 achieved quicker response including tasks from app to unlock. Its unlock speed is even quicker than some first line of brands like huawei, xiaomi.

70% Metal Covering and 1.1 mm Corning Glass

Wp6 Gorilla Glass is thicker than all previous models. Metal resist temperature better, so 70% metal covering prevent the outer shell melt in environment above 100 degrees. In the video of burning from OUKITEL, the plastic parts melt somewhat, while 70% of metal covering stay undamaged.

Except for those, 6GB + 128GB, FHD+ display screen, OTG function, making this rugged phone unique and can’t be found anywhere else.

As OUKITEL announced in the former teasing video, a full episode will be brought out today. The following is their full episode of violence test of WP6. It was burned, drilled, fried with oil and so on, surprisingly it keeps intact after all.

YouTube video:

A lot of audience participated into the OUKITEL’s giveaway, 10 pcs of WP6 will be given for free. Giveaway winners will be announced today. The winner will be drawn out and published in

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