An Inspiring Story Of Curing Stage-4 Cancer In 4 Months

March 30 19:45 2020

Los Altos, CA – In her awe-inspiring book How I Cured Cancer Fast Joy Wells shares the approach, she used to heal her body from Stage 4 lymphoma. Her care included chemotherapy, but she believes her rapid recovery was due to her powerful mindset, health, and lifestyle shifts.

Joy Thought She Was “Healthy”

Like most people, Joy’s life was running 100 miles per hour. Between work, kids, aging parents, and an ever-growing to-do list she went non-stop for 14 hours a day. Her level of stress was always high and there was no time to cook, so she lived off coffee and ate when she had the time to squeeze it in. Sometimes, Joy went to bed without eating as there wasn’t anything fast or easy to cook at home. Nonetheless, she considered herself to be fairly healthy. She worked out a few days a week, so that’s enough right?

Then came the day that everything came to a screeching halt, the diagnosis of Stage 4 lymphoma. Words you can only imagine how you will respond to until it happens to you. A diagnosis that instantly insights fear and make you consider your mortality. Instead of giving into fear, Joy made some major life changes.

It Only Took Joy 4 Months To Heal Her Body

Joy shares her story in a way that is relatable to everyone as her life had the same stressors and challenges of every working parent. She begins with the symptoms that prompted her to go to the doctor and how she handled the shocking and heartbreaking news. Then, she dives into how she transformed her fear into positive action.

Joy’s Lifestyle Changes

Joy took her doctor’s advice and immediately began chemotherapy. With her growing understanding of how what we think, feel, and do can impact our health — Joy transformed and reprioritized her daily routine. She details the lifestyle changes she made in these 3 areas:

     1. Positive Mindset — how she shifted her mindset from fear to self-healing.

     2. Nutrition — Joy nourished her body with foods designed to boost immunity and white blood cells.

     3. Meditation — her primary goal of meditation was to minimize the side-effects of chemo and keep pain to a minimum.

Not only did Joy heal her cancer quickly, but she was able to live a normal life while undergoing chemotherapy feeling strong, happy and beautiful — not words we typically associate with cancer. In fact, no one knew she was undergoing treatment. To learn more about Joy’s rapid recovery and inspiring story download How I Cured Cancer Fast!

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