CarLeadsFast is offering a free COVID-19 Thrive Kit to help car dealers in these terrible times

March 28 05:27 2020
CarLeadsFast is now giving away their COVID-19 Thrive Kit for FREE to any car dealership that needs help during these terrible times.

Atlanta, GA – March 28, 2020 – Leading car dealership marketing company CarLeadsFast is currently giving away their COVID-19 Thrive Kit to all car dealers! The kit is available completely FREE and has customisable email and text templates, images, and guides to help car dealers thrive during this chaotic time.

“One of our dealerships is still hitting their record numbers through this COVID-19 craziness using our COVID-19 Thrive Kit. The last time the car industry hit this much of an industry low was in 2008 when the market crashed. COVID-19 has not only hit the health sector but has also dealt a huge blow to the economy worldwide. Given that fast transmission quotient of the virus, customers are hugely apprehensive of getting out of their home and buying cars from local dealerships. We understand their concern but it is also true that the fear of COVID-19 is massively affecting ALL car dealers! This is where our FREE COVID-19 Thrive Kit will come to help!”, stated Joel Wall, the founder of CarLeadsFast.

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The COVID-19 Thrive Kit will enable car dealers to convey the important message to their customers that they fully respect their customer’s safety concerns and have taken every precaution possible to make their customer’s experience as safe as possible. The kit contains customisable images that dealers can post on social media or turn into flyers. The flyer helps put in words that the dealers are offering online car buying opportunities so that aspiring car owners do not have to go out to the dealers physical location. However, the traditional physical car buying experience is also available. The images stress that dealers are taking all sanitising measures available to ensure safest possible car buying experience for customers visiting their physical showroom.

Dealers will get images that contain safety measures taken and privileges offered for both offline and online car buying for customers. Additionally, there are individual images too for the safety measures taken for each offline and online shopping experience.

The kit also includes a modifiable email template that the car dealers can send to their prospects and customers. The templates focus on the fact that dealers do recognise the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic and have made needed changes in execution of their business to ensure the safest possible experience for customers in these terrible times. Dealers will be able to mention all the changes they have made to make things safer for their customers on the email in prominent bullets. They can further customise the email template with their brand name, contact number and other necessary details.

And that’s not all.

The COVID-19 Thrive Kit from CarLeadsFast also includes a SMS template that dealers can send to their customers to inform them of the email they have sent to ensure their business is 100% safe even in this dire health crisis. Akin to other materials in the kit, the SMS template too can be easily customised with a dealer’s brand name and other related details.

“We have tried to aggregate the most comprehensive COVID-19 Thrive Kit possible for car dealers. We understand the market is experiencing a dry spell and we don’t want dealers to suffer further. At the same time, we do care for car buyers and have given guidelines to car dealers to follow to ensure the safest experience both for the customers and dealers themselves. We are hopeful our kit will enable car dealers to attract more customers and keep their business thriving through these terrible times!”

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