Canadians Are Now More Focused On Complete Solutions To Health And Wellness Than before

March 27 21:26 2020
Bay College Lockwood Clinic is addressing the needs of continued affordable and simplified care and wellness for many Canadians as are other medical practitioners.

They also are busier than before and are seeking solutions to the dilemma of finding complete healthcare and services that fit their schedules and their complete needs.  This has led to some clinics and medical practitioners to join forces and provide a complete “all in one” solution to healthcare and wellness that can be accessed immediately and most importantly, all in one location.  The clinic of Bay College has joined forces with Lockwood Medical and now can provide many of the sought-after wellness services all in one place, for residents within the GTA, and metropolitan regions surrounding it.  This is a new trend for many medical providers and clinics.  Bay College Lockwood Clinic is addressing the needs of continued affordable and simplified care and wellness for many Canadians as are other medical practitioners. 

According to the Canadian Marketing Association, residents of Canada wanted more wellness options.

This survey by the CMA showed that an all in one solution with services that were more affordable and more accessible was a priority for Canadian residents.  This has led to the outcropping of more and more walk- in clinics in Toronto and providers that provide solutions to everything from audiology and dental care, to optometry and x-rays and other medical screenings to keep patients healthy and on the path to wellness.  The medical clinics in the GTA are especially attuned to these needs and are responding by providing this “all in one” solution. 

The more practitioners that merge with each other, the more services can be offered to patients.

This only makes sense as practitioners of all types of services all in one location will always be easier to access for individuals and a lot of work can be covered at one location!  No longer do individuals need to run from one remote location to another and book several different appointments.  Especially with clinics that offer walk-in services, there is no need to stress about all types of appointments needing to be made.  Complete wellness can be achieved effectively and efficiently now through walk in clinics in Toronto.  Canadian statistics show that many individuals now prefer the walk-in clinics to making an appointment with a private doctor.

The future of healthcare and wellness in Canada and the GTA is indeed changing.

However, there are still restrictions of course depending upon insurance issues, and where clinics are located.  However, good walk in clinics in downtown Toronto many times will accept a cash payment, and offer something Canadians really enjoy and that is virtual doctor visits, via remote access, which does help in cost containment.  It can help to contact any clinic prior to a visit and evaluate which services they supply, the costs, and the methods of payment they accept.  Downtown Toronto walk-in clinics seem to be the wave of the future but as with everything else, a good clinic, that suits a person’s needs and finances, does need to be researched before visiting if possible.  The Canadian Foundation for Health Improvement (CFHI) is collaborating for more remote access services and more combined services to allow outlying regions the option of better and more affordable care.

About Bay College Medical Lockwood Clinic (BCML)

Bay College Clinic in downtown Toronto has been serving the GTA since 1921, with a focus on the Greater Metropolitan Area.  The clinic has now merged with Lockwood Medical to further expand its services to patients.  It is still a family-friendly, neighbourhood type clinic, only with a wider variety of services, from audiology to x-rays.  All manner of physical ailments can be walk-ins and only appointments for specialists are really needed.  Even pharmacy services exist.  There is an online form, a phone, email, and even private pay pricing which can be discussed.  They also appear on Facebook.  They focus on walk-ins. 

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