Omni-Threat Structures’ Electromagnetic Shielding Concrete To Be Used At New NASA Facility

March 27 00:09 2020

LAKELAND, FLORIDA – March 26, 2020 – Omni-Threat Structures (OTS), the developer of a breakthrough electromagnetic shielding concrete system (EMSS) for construction, will be providing electromagnetic shielding for the near field range electromagnetic testing laboratory at NASA’s new facility in northeast Ohio.

“OTS is proud to be working on our part of the Aerospace Communications Facility, a 54,000 square-foot building in the west section of NASA’s Glenn campus, and consisting of approximately twenty five (25) research and development laboratories related to communication technologies,” said Peter Fedele, CEO of OTS.

“Our shielded concrete will provide the groundwork for an electromagnetic shield providing protection from 1 Ghz – 100 Ghz at 100 dB.  OTS is providing the material for precast and cast in place elements to allow 70’ structural, insulated, shielded panels to be erected on site. OTS will also grout the panels and will furnish and install HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) gasketing throughout the shielded space. Further, OTS will provide EMP engineering consulting services to the general contractor, The Austin Company, precaster and C.I.P. ready mix supplier,” Fedele continued.

“In addition to our work on this high profile NASA project, OTS will recognize the benefits of ongoing testing of our concrete up to 100 GHz,” he concluded.

The new NASA complex will give scientists additional tools to develop advanced radio technology for space exploration and will become NASA’s primary space for radio frequency communications technology R&D. 

In addition to the laboratory spaces, a large shielded high-bay space, and both rooftop and ground-based antennae fields will be constructed. NASA’s project, designed to achieve a minimum LEED Silver rating, also includes installation of a geothermal borehole field.

OTS Overview:

For the past 7 years, OTS has effectively commercialized shielding concrete to deliver a system and structures that protect critical infrastructure from HEMP and IEMI attacks. To date, OTS has built shielded structures for clients in the power utility market. Methods range from onsite and offsite construction of pre-fabricated modules to panelization for smaller projects. These scalable levels of shielding utilize varying thickness of panels and embedded shielding elements. OTS can design and construct from 40 dB to 100 dB.

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