Dr. Eric Berg Helps Millions of People Around the World Reduce Stress and Get More Sleep with Free and Informative Resources

March 26 23:51 2020
Dr. Eric Berg Helps Millions of People Around the World Reduce Stress and Get More Sleep with Free and Informative Resources
The world-renowned doctor contributes regularly to his highly popular website and YouTube channel.

Alexandria, VA – Renowned physician, Dr. Eric Berg is helping millions of individuals around the world reduce their stress levels and, ultimately, get more sleep with his professional, informative, and free resources.

Dr. Berg is a renowned guru in the field of healthy eating, well-being, and nutrition.  With years of experience working hands-on in the medical industry, in addition to publishing a widely popular book, The Healthy Keto Plan, Dr. Berg is known to many as The Knowledge Doc and boasts an impressive following of over 3.5 million followers on YouTube.

“My passion for helping others to achieve optimal health came from my own health transformation at an early age,” says Dr. Berg.  “Since then, for the past 29 years, I have made it my mission to help individuals and other medical professionals understand the direct correlation between eating habits and health.”

One of the biggest areas of concern Dr. Berg sees in his patients and online readers is the impact stress and lack of sleep can have on the body and mind. To combat this, Dr. Eric Berg is providing readers with a host of well-researched and factual information about how to reduce stress and get a better night’s sleep.

“What many people don’t realize is that there is a wide variety of things they can do to help reduce stress and sleep better,” says Dr. Berg. “For example, acupressure can have a dramatic effect on sleep, as can certain foods that promote deeper sleep and reduce stress. With just a few small changes in your daily life, you can start to see a great improvement in your stress levels, sleeping habits, and ultimately, your overall health.”

For more information, visit Dr. Berg’s website at http://www.drberg.com or check out his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VhvSmY9qss

About Dr. Eric Berg

Having completed his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1998 at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, Dr. Berg became a board-certified chiropractor in three states. In his earlier years, Dr. Berg completed two years of undergraduate pre-med studies at University of Wisconsin Parkside and trained as an X-Ray technician in the Army Reserves.

Dr. Berg worked as an associate professor at Howard University in Washington DC teaching students on the fundamentals of nutrition. He also delivered over 4,900 seminars to nearly all the governmental agencies in DC including the Library of Congress, National Science Foundation and even the FBI.

He is currently devoted to full-time education, sharing vital knowledge about health and the human body through social media, videos, and conventions.

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